Area Storsalen
Organizer Lørdagskomitéen
Lørdagskomitéen (LK)
Date 22. August
Time 21:00 - 22:00
Ticket 310,- / 410,-
Age limit 18 years

Henrik Fladseth

Ready for a show that puts low culture on the throne? Henrik Fladseth takes the stage at Storsalen with a stand-up performance guaranteed to have you laughing until tears roll down your cheeks! No overarching themes, just pure comedy and maybe even a sad story on the stool. This is low culture at its finest - so what are you waiting for? Seize the chance before the tickets vanish like a good punchline!

I, Henrik Fladseth, am trying with this text to get YOU specifically to buy a ticket to my new stand-up show - Low Culture.

Yes, because stand-up is often called low culture. And rightly so, I would say. It's just about owning that term.

For me, stand-up is a way of living my life. It's a continuous and eternal process. On that stage, I don't need to say anything important, and it doesn't have to be clever. It might be, but it's not an absolute requirement. As long as it's funny, it's fine. My show is stand-up in its purest form. Just a man telling jokes and stories.

There won't be any overarching themes, very little so-called "red thread," almost exclusively pure comedy, and maybe a sad story told on a stool (but I can't promise anything there).

If this is low culture, I'm fine with it!

Personally, I think this show is starting to get really fun. Do we have a deal?

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