Storsalen - The Grand Hall

The Heart and Soul of Samfundet

Storsalen is a place for those really big occasions. Peace Prize winners, world-renowned artists, royalty, and heads of state from near and far have made ​​their mark here. Dalai Lama, the entire Norwegian royal family, and the Sex Pistols have enthralled audiences in this fabled room.

This room is the heart of the student community in Trondheim. It is in this room we elect the head of Samfundet, the chief of UKA, and the ISFiT president - three of the most important positions in the student community. Storsalen is also the site of the legendary UKA-revues, and during Samfundet's 100th anniversary in autumn 2010 there was also a wonderful anniversary show. Storsalen is the place where you really get the unique sensation that is Samfundet. The sensation comes creeping up on you during heated discussions at Samfund meetings, grand party meetings and legendary concerts.

Reservations for Samfund meetings

Everyone can reserve place for up to six people at selected Samfund meetings. The reservation of tables open 48 hours prior to the beginning of the meeting. Send an email to for reservations.


In order for you to get an idea of ​​what the Storsal can offer, can we take you back a little in history. In 1977, the Sex Pistols stood on the stage and inspired the punk seedlings in Trondheim. Jokke og Valentinerne gave everything on stage in 1988. During the 1990's ​​guest artists such as Iggy Pop, Motorhead and Faithless played here. In 2001, the audience danced to the beats from Röyksopp, while in 2008 one could see the fading 90th century heroes Ace of Base. In recent years, the audience have danced with Erlend Øye, head banged to WASP and sung along Big Bang and Postgirobygget. Last, but so definitely not least, the legendary Åge Aleksandersen og Sambandet repeatedly made ​​it so that several thousand can call themselves true bartebystudenter (students of the mustache city). Kaizers Orchestra has also helped to raise the ceiling of the Storsal over and over again.