Area Storsalen
Organizer Kulturutvalget
Kulturutvalget (KU)
Date 19. November 2021
Time 20:00 - 22:00
Ticket 140,-
Age limit 18 years

The Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975)

This year we will as every year we show the cultfilm of all cultfilms, accompanied by a sizzling show and halfnaked amateuractors on stage.

Ticketsales open Tuesday, October 26. at 15am.

NB! You need to registrer as member of the film club when you buy a ticket. The link to this registration will be published when the ticketsale opens. More information will follow below.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show includes everything you could ever want in a film: aliens, tranvestites, musical acts, underwear and skin. Since 1975, this extravagant film has excited, fascinated, provoked and inspired. Kulturutvalgets yearly celebration of out-of-space-tranvestites in a fusion of film and performance is the highlight of this fall, so put on a dark suit or a dragoutfit and come join the fun. We promise you the hottest and most sensual Rocky-show ever!

Doors open 60 minutes before showstart.

Recommended props: rice, watergun, newspaper, toast, lighter, deck of cards, paperplane, toilet paper and a healthy dose of exhibitionism. Participation scripts can be bought at the entrance for 30 kr.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION ON TICKETS AND FILM CLUB-MEMBERSHIP: You must be a member of the film club of Studentersamfundet/NFK to participate. This is not the same as a regular Samfundet-membership. By purchasing a ticket to the show, you automatically purchase a film club-membership, but for the membership to be valid we need some information. Register here:

For existing members of the film club (Autumn 2021) it will be possible to buy tickets at a membership rate (70,-), but only at our sunday screenings in Storsalen, not on the internet.

Events at the Student Society can be adapted for visitors with movement and hearing impairment. See here for more information.