Area Utenfor Huset
Organizer ISFiT
Date 13. February
Time 20:00 - 00:00
Ticket Free entrance
Age limit No age limit

ISFiT: Lilleby Soul Safari

Lilleby Soul Safari with Thom Brodda og DJ Dupree

During four steamy hours, you’ll be able to witness the Trondheims based Lilleby Soul Safari and DJ Dupree as they take over Studentersamfundet. They will dive deep in their archive of records, and bring you along on an exotic journey through a plethora of genres. Wherever you are, the room will be filled with everything from afrobeat - with its energetic rhythms and trancelike tendencies - to funk with its melodic and sensual basslines, to soul, latin and so much more.

It’s saturday night, the time has come to find your perhaps forgotten dancing shoes, and feel the ecstatic and electric atmosphere all the way from Storsalen to your own home. Tonight is the night you can trust Lilleby Soul Safari and DJ Dupree to allow you to give in to the music.

Member's tickets can be changed to non-member's tickets, by paying the difference at the main door on the day of the concert. Before you enter Samfundet you have to familiarize yourself with our infection control routines. You will find them here

Events at the Student Society can be adapted for visitors with movement and hearing impairment. See here for more information.