Area Storsalen
Organizer Pirum
Date 4. November 2020
Time 21:00 - 22:30
Ticket 90,- / 140,-
Age limit 18 years

Pirum på bar Banke

Pirum på bar Banke - Where is the flag? Come to our concert in Storsalen to find out!

The air in Trondheim lies heavy with suspense and disbelief. People dare not leave their houses, and stare distrustfully and one another when they do. They maintain a safe distance, and smile with their mouths shut. We all know the reason. Someone has stolen the flag from the Weekly Choir Pirum, and everyone is a suspect! On that note, we would like to invite every bandit, brigand, scoundrel, rapscallion, and nincompoop in town to a prolonged interrogation in the Great Hall of Studentersamfundet on the 4th and 5th of November. We will also be accepting expertise from any would-be Poirot, Bond, Holmes, Derreck or Drew who might feel inclined to solve this mystery, and see justice prevail!

Sometime between the first time and the last time, one or more culprit decided, with great malice aforethought, to cross the mighty moat of Nidelva, to enrich themselves with the marvellous tapestry that waved from the middle of the river. This heraldic masterwork was the crown jewel in Trondheims city-scape, and was stolen in a most villainous fashion. This awoke a great and righteous fury amongst this usually sanguine bunch of pear pickers. And so, the Weekly Choir Pirum saw themselves forced to reactivate the dormant elite task force Pirum Internal Security Service (PISS) in a hardhanded attempt to foil the filthy flag filchers.

Member's tickets can be changed to non-member's tickets, by paying the difference at the main door on the day of the concert. Before you enter Samfundet you have to familiarize yourself with our infection control routines. You will find them here

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