Music quiz

Team up with 1-3 friends and take part in our Music Quiz on Fridays at 20.00! With varied categories ending in a meadley-quiz, we promise you a challenging quiz and an enjoyable evening. What does REM stand for? Can you name every left-hander in The Beatles? What is DumDum Boys vocalist Prepple's real name? Visit Edgar, and test your knowledge!

Each of the four participants on the winning team will walk away with free tickets to a concert of your choice during the semester, in addition to the opportunity to compete for the top prize of free entry to all concerts in coming semester at Studentersamfundet in Trondheim.

Tuesday quiz @ Edgar

Every Tuesday at 19:00 you can sharpen your brain cells on quiz and win great prizes. If you participate with the same team every week, you can compete against other teams and gain a ranking on the leaderboard. It's recommended to arrive early - the quizzes in Edgar are popular and sitting space is limited!

The members in the winning team get a Lyche-burger each!


Placement Team name Total score
1 St. Drøshaugens Minne 478
2 Pfeils venner 442
3 Burkini faso 431
4 Rasisme er ikke greit 393
5 King kong burger bong 392
6 BUQ 391
6 Børs og gjengen 381
8 Peder torpedo 360
9 Nederlaget 346
10 Franks åpning 343

Leaderboard last updated 25/02-2018.