Area Hele huset
Organizer ISFiT
Date 9. February 2017
Time 22:30 - 00:30
Ticket 120,- / 150,-
Age limit 18 years

ISFiT presents: King Skurk One & 612 - visuals of Ijos

Collabaration between King Skurk One, 612 and Pekka Stokke, who will set focus on ISFiTs main theme in a new and interesting way.


The Oslo-based artist KingSkurkOne tells the story of his suroundings and life experiences through a musical style that spands from hard hitting rap bars til lush melodic lines. This last year has been full of events for KingSkurkOne with performances in Oslo, Bergen, Tromsø og Bodø, as well as releasing “KEEG”, music videos and a nomination for this years Bylarm.

Double T

In a world where it sometimes seems like everyone is trying to be the fastest rapper and say as many words in as short amount of time as possible, Double T and the rest of 612 stands out as a breath of fresh air by doing more or less the opposite. With shameless melodies and a naive musical expression they have come far on their way into the landscape of hip hop.

Pekka Stokke

ISFiT’s main theme “Dicrimination, why?” will be conveyed in a collaboration between concerts and art. The Oslo based rappers in King Skurk One and 612 will perform, while artist Pekka Stokke from ljos as will create a video backdrop by remixing old-school mashups of various grotesque, vulgar and funny youtube clips.

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